Food for thought:

Welcome to the corporate side of Urban Choice Foods! For the past 29 years, I have offered some of the highest quality frozen foods, at market prices, to consumers in cities and towns, all over Michigan, and this great country of ours!

Each year as my business continues to grow, I find ways to help keep food costs low, and without sacrificing quality...all while maintaining a personal delivery system that customers truly appreciate.

We all know that one of the best ways to lessen the impact of these price increases is to buy in bulk when things go on sale.
Here at Urban Choice Foods we are able to help do that for thousands of people, so they can continue to buy the products that they need, want, and desire on a daily basis.

Before I get into the "meat and potatoes" of the Food Voucher program I have created, let me give you a few reasons of why people have continued to buy from Urban Choice Foods for so many years.

#1-unsurpassed quality and a 100% money back guarantee. If it isn't right I will make it right!

#2-Food is individually vacuum seal wrapped for convenience and quick frozen for longer freezer shelf life.

#3-My products are delivered directly to the customer, saving customers valuable time and money.

There is no question that I have the right products at great prices, and when paired with the Voucher plan I'm about to explain, there's no reason why together we can't make a big difference in your employees lives.

Let me begin with John at Rathbun Insurance Company in Lansing, MI.
John came to me with a plan to offer his employees a voucher towards purchasing food, instead of giving out his "traditional bonus" . John and I came up with the following program which has been an overwhelming success for him and his employees at the Rathbun Company for the past 15 years.

The "Meat and Potatoes"
Here is an example of how an employee benefits from our Food Voucher program:

When John gives his employee Jackie her "traditional" $100 cash bonus, Jackie must pay 28% tax on the $100 she has received, leaving her with a net of only $72.
Jackie has lost $28 of buying power in this "traditional" bonus.
In Comparison, when Jackie receives a $100 Food Voucher, no money is lost at all.
Jackie will receive the FULL $100 towards any purchase from our huge selection of foods.
This is a great way for Jackie to get the most bang for her buck. Imagine how much more food she can buy with her extra $28.
In today's tough economy, this is a great way to take a bite out of Jackie's food budget.

Now, this is John's perspective as the employer and how he benefits from participating in our Food Voucher program:

On John's "traditional" bonus of $100, John would have to pay $1.45 to Medicare and $6.20 in social security tax on a $100 gift or bonus to Jackie.
With a total $107.65 paid by John the employer, and $28 paid by Jackie the employee, the GOVERNMENT has gained almost $35 in this " Traditional" bonus of a mere $100......THAT'S TOO MUCH!

John at the Rathbun Insurance Agency employs approximately 25 employees and does his bonuses quarterly at ($100 per quarter), this SAVES John $1,765 per year compared to the old way of giving out bonuses, and his employees love it!


One last thing to consider, for many companies, holiday gift giving is a significant part of their fourth quarter budget. This makes using my food voucher plan even more beneficial to your budget, considering my company offers the finest Holiday selection of hams, desserts, party trays, and many other unique holiday items. This takes the guesswork out of what the employee gift should be, it allows the employee to choose from hundreds of items that fit their particular need.
There is no doubt this program is a great way for you to save money for your business, while giving your employees an invaluable service they will always appreciate.

Thank you for taking your time to consider my food voucher program.
Sincerely Dan "The Meat Man"
Owner of Urban Choice Foods

Contact me if you would like to start a Food Voucher program at your business