Get the Best Food to Help Your Fundraiser

Get the Best Food to Help Your Fundraiser

Explore delicious options from Urban Choice Foods

Looking to raise money for your school? Church? Football team? Turn to Urban Choice Foods. We provide bulk food options to help you raise money for your cause or organization. We promise that with our fresh food on their plates, you'll earn money for your fundraiser - and you'll earn a reputation for having some of the best food every year!

Come to Urban Choice Foods for your fundraiser and you can sell:

  • Great cookies of all different flavors
  • Burgers, hot dogs and other quality meats
  • Pizzas and subs
  • Popcorn
  • Multiple other quality foods

Check out our included product lists for selections available to you for each sale. We continually update our product lists, adding new products for a better variety of sales and selections.

The edible, healthy products we provide will be in demand over and over. Quality comes first and every item is guaranteed for satisfaction. The product list shows the portion size, box weight, your cost, suggested selling price, and the amount of profit per box.

Call us at least two weeks in advance to have everything ready in time for the event. Items will be dropped off after all the proper forms are collected. Reach out to Urban Choice Foods today and let's create a customized menu of options for your next fundraiser.



Profit Example

Our suggested profit level is approximately $8 per box but you may determine your own profit level.
Any-town High School Band has 100 members
Each member sells 5 boxes.
100 members X 5 boxes/each = 500 boxes
500 boxes X $8.00 = $4,000.00 profit
$4,000.00 X 3 sales per year = $12,000.00 profit total

Order Blanks

We can provide as many color sales/order blanks, custom made for your organization, at no additional cost. The sales/order blanks include your name, delivery date, delivery time, and location. If you have any questions, feel free to call us at: (616) 591- 8345


No pre-payment is required by you. Customers can pay when they place their order or when it is delivered. You can pay when product is delivered or 7 days later. Delivery is made when and where you specify (except Sundays). The person who delivers your order is cheerful, organized, and will stay to distribute your products if needed. (Note: There is a $20 delivery charge for orders less than $500 locally and a $50.00 delivery charge if the delivery is more than 50 miles away from our office.)


To ensure a smooth, hassle free fundraiser, someone needs to know what to do. Here are some easy steps:
1.Call with product selections and delivery date.
2. Explain your order blanks to your group.
3. Collect the orders.
4. Call in your compiled order 5 days before delivery.
5. Recruit 2 volunteers to help on delivery day.