Melinda F.

Dan the meat man rocks! He is true to his word and stands behind his products 100%. A fantastic person and sales rep.

Nadine G.

Dan provides excellent customer service and always is informed about the product he is selling. The steak fajitas are wonderful. Each summer I look forward to the frozen treats offered for sale. By delivering to your work location the ease of getting good products is streamlined. I have purchased from Dan for over 24 years. Love the fact he is consistent in offering good stuff at reasonable prices.

Brooke V.

I've been buying products from Dan for probably 15 years-ish. Love the products and love visiting with Dan when he comes to the office. My favorite things about the products is that they come in "bulk". I like that I can just go to my freezer and pull out a couple steaks, chicken, pizzas or whatever. I'm not constantly going to the store for meat or meals because I have it on hand. Love the delivery service. Very convenient.

Dawn E.

Dan has the best chicken ever! Nothing like it anywhere else!

Regina P.

Love Dan the Meat Man!! Best service, great food AND he delivers! He's the highlight of our Thursdays! The onion rings are stinkin, rippin, flippin AWESOME!

Heather L.

Quality food with excellent customer service!!! Perfect for fundraising for schools and teams or Families! Super Yum!

Molly D.

Best personal service, best selection and best quality food I've seen around. Love Dan's Classic Foods!.

Kyle & Emily D.

We used Dan's Classic Foods for over a year now and had nothing but great service and the best steaks we've ever had. Pot Roast is amazing too! Thanks Dan!